Bottom Line Up Front

New Hampshire nonprofits can fund-raise with charitable gaming but traditional games are cumbersome, dated and currently dead.  To adapt, improvise & overcome NH Marines introduce 50/50 raffles to:

•Create a modern, residual fundraiser our aging members can support
•Recruit new, younger members through modern communication
•Assist local military families through scholarship, aid & relief
•Share the Marine Corps principles and values by supporting community-based philanthropy

Leveraging a Community Raffle with mobile, accountable technology, each individual detachment benefits from their relative participation and helps to fund the Marine Corps League Department New Hampshire as a whole.  Coupled with a decentralized database and a donation management system built on the blockchain-it’s raffles Barney-style, or as civilians would say, “Idiot-proof.”

Gung Ho Fundraising

“Gung Ho” was adopted by the Marine Raiders in WWII and has since become the battle cry of the USMC.  The term means “work together” in Chinese.  Every detachment can benefit from the MCL Department Raffle.   When donors choose a specific detachment, 90% of the net proceeds go to the selected detachment.  It’s a Gung Ho raffle where the Marine Corps League works together.

At least 46 cents on every dollar from this raffle directly benefits NH Veteran Service.  All transactions are tracked, transparent and shared throughout the organizations with the bulk of the MCL NH proceeds benefiting the local detachment. 

The raffle data is available in real-time insuring integrity of the program. Donors choose to have their donation benefit a local NH detachment or support the MCL NH from the state level.

The MCL NH 50-50/50 is distributed by the Veterans Foundation of NH, Inc.  




Always Faithful: Provably Fair, Responsibly Operated, Charitable Gaming For New Hampshire

The Marine Corps adopted the motto “Semper Fidelis” in 1883-Always Faithful.”  Our raffle offers inherent fidelity with great benefits to donors, supporters and the multilevel, state-wide Marine Corps League New Hampshire Department. 

Each detachment benefits from participation of supporters.

Winners are drawn from monthly prize(s) and are automatically entered to win the Grand Prize Jackpot. 

Donors have the choice to direct their support to a local NH community.  

All data and transactions are locked and loaded-No lost tickets, no missing entries, no rigs.  Just raffles for community.