M C L   S E A C O A S T   D E T A C H M E N T   # 3 9 4   E V E N T S

Fireworks Etiquette

Did you know that fireworks are very difficult for some military veterans? This fact does not mean that you shouldn’t enjoy this quintessential American tradition, please... get out there and celebrate summer and our Independence! Enjoy that BBQ, splashing in the...

Annual MCL Seacoast Marines Picnic 18 August

Join us for some R & R with friends, family and your local Marines! The MCL Seacoast Marines Detachment #394 invites ALL MARINES, THEIR SUPPORTERS & FAMILIES to join us at the U.S. Coast Guard Station in New Castle, NH where there will be food and fun for our...

Wednesday Morning Breakfasts

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Next Breakfast TBA

Annual Summer Picnic

All Marines and Their Families are invited to the
Annual Seacoast Detachment #394

Potluck Picnic
US Coast Guard Station, New Castle, NH
Saturday August 17th, 2019 from 1200 to ……


EVERY MARINE shares a birthday on November 10th.

Join us  in celebration of the virtue, valor and community of the USMC.

November 9th American Legion Rochester


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