Bottom Line Up Front

New Hampshire nonprofits can fund-raise with charitable gaming but traditional games are cumbersome, dated and currently MIA.  To adapt, improvise & overcome NH Marines introduce 50/50 raffles to:

•Create a modern, residual fundraiser our members can support
•Recruit new members with modern communication tools
•Assist local military families through scholarship, aid & relief
•Share the Marine Corps principles and values by supporting community-based philanthropy

Leveraging a Community Raffle with mobile, accountable technology, each individual detachment benefits from their relative participation and helps to fund the Marine Corps League Department New Hampshire as a whole.  Coupled with a decentralized database and a donation management system built on the blockchain-it’s raffles Barney-style, or as civilians would say, “Idiot-proof.”

Always Faithful: Provably Fair, Responsibly Operated, Charitable Gaming For New Hampshire

The Marine Corps adopted the motto “Semper Fidelis” in 1883-Always Faithful.”  Our raffle offers inherent fidelity with great benefits to donors, supporters and the multilevel, state-wide Marine Corps League New Hampshire Department. 

Each detachment benefits from participation of supporters.

Winners are drawn from monthly prize(s) and are automatically entered to win the Grand Prize Jackpot. 

Donors have the choice to direct their support to a local NH community.  

All data and transactions are locked and loaded-No lost tickets, no missing entries, no rigs.  Just raffles for community.

Back on the Block

The MCL 50-50/50 raffle’s technology together with a certified RNG ensures winners are chosen fairly, safely, and transparently and all contributions are accounted for with immutable Peerplays blockchain technology.

In the old days, 50/50 draws were held using actual, physical tickets (gun drawings, meat raffles), which is problematic in multiple ways. Buyers can very easily lose their tickets, missing out on potentially huge winnings. Or, the draw could be easily manipulated in favor of a particular winner emerging. Volunteers may lose tickets or collect incorrect sums.

Our raffle takes the trust from a centralized organization and puts all transactions on the blockchain using a purpose-designed Random Number Generator, currently in the GLI Lab for certification.

Easy5050 from Peerplays uses fully transparent blockchain technology to ensure a provably fair 50/50 experience for all involved!  

Gung Ho Raffle

“Gung Ho” was how the Chinese referred to the Marine Raiders in WWII and has since become the battle cry of the USMC. 

The term means “work together”and describes our  model where charities work together to fund raise with raffles.  

Donors choose to have their donation benefit a local NH detachment or support the MCL NH from the state level. All transactions are tracked, transparent and shared throughout the organizations with the bulk of the MCL NH proceeds benefiting the local detachment. 

At least 46 cents on every dollar contributed to this raffle directly benefits NH Veteran Service.  The raffle data is available in real-time ensuring integrity of the program. 

The MCL NH 50-50/50 is distributed by the Veterans Foundation of NH, Inc.  Proceeds from veteran raffles will directly support the deployment of more “Legal Boots on the Ground” for NH veterans and families through the Veterans Law Project pro bono legal program.  




Troops In Contact

Raffle Fiduciary, MCL Seacoast Detachment #394 was established in 1948 and is the first Marine Corps League detachment in NH.  The detachment historically serves areas of Eastern New Hampshire and York Maine.  Proceeds to the Seacoast Marines benefit the detachment’s scholarship fund.

MCL 394 operates the raffle on behalf of the Marine Corps League New Hampshire Department to benefit detachments and the state-level organization.  Past Detachment Commandant Roland Morin serves as the raffle administrator.

All raffle sales grunts are bona fide volunteers to the MCL.  

The Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire, Inc. has been the impetus behind the development of this unique charitable raffle.  Founded in 2011, the Veterans Foundation has been leading the charge in fighting for the rights of veterans and military families through their pro bono legal services & Veterans Law Project: Legal Boots on the Ground.  This raffle claims a new place for philantrhopy in charitable gaming.

The Veterans Foundation of NH is the distributor of record for the this NH 50-50 Raffle.  Five percent (5%) of all Gross Gaming Revenue benefits the Veterans Law Project:  Legal Boots on the Ground to support pro bono legal services to veterans and military families from New Hampshire, wherever they serve in the world.



This Community Raffle is made possible by

Peerplays Global, Ltd. , Peerplays Blockchain Standard Association, Our Partners, Volunteers & Devoted Supporters


This Raffle is Permitted by the City of Rochester Office of the Licensing Board 2020