January 2, 2024

From: Warren Griffin, National Commandant
To: All Members
RE: Membership Cards

On January 2, 2024, the National Board of Trustees met and voted unanimously to make changes to the membership card and rosters.

1. The Profile ID number will be the primary membership number to identfy members and will be utilized on the official membership card.

2. The Profile ID number will be utilized on the mobile application available in Apple and Google Play stores. Members are encouraged to ask the Detachment Paymaster for their Profile ID number.

3. As annual dues-paying members renew over the coming 12 months, they will be issued a newly designed membership card that lists only the detachment where the member holds their national voting rights. These will be mailed to the Detachment Paymaster.

a. A member will continue to have voting rights within each detachment they are a member of. “One Member, One Vote.”

b. The Mobile App will continue to show each detachment a person is a member of.

4. Newly revised membership cards will provide larger font by reducing some of the information previously on the card. The new card will use the Profile ID (PID) number. It will not list the Life Member Number or Member Number.

5. Members who become Life Members will receive a gold plastic membership card and a gold metal membership card. Additional/replacement membership cards may be purchased.

6. Member Number and Life Member Number will be removed from the roster report.

a. Work is in progress to have the number of open invoices to be shown on the roster report.

b. Once a person passes 380 days of open invoice, their member status becomes inactive and they are dropped from the roster. Therefore, there is only a 15-day window in September that will show two (2) open invoices.

7. As of July 1, 2024, quarterly rosters will be generated by the Department for the Detachments in their state. Departments are encouraged to reach out to their National Vice Commandant, JD Foster, or Bob Borka for training and assistance.

Warren Griffin
National Commandant/CEO
Marine Corps League