Firing Detail volunteers are needed for the 2023 Veterans Day events including:  Rededication of the Marine Memorial at John Paul Jones Park, Kittery, ME; firing detail to honor veterans at Kittery Estates retirement home, Kittery, ME; Veterans Day ceremony at Goodwin Park, Portsmouth, NH.  For the firing details, the following is provided:

WHO:  Firing Detail of MCL members to commemorate Veterans Day, 2023 at three local ceremonies in the Seacoast area.

WHAT:  Perform a professionally executed firing detail in conjunction with Veterans Day ceremonies at three locations. 

WHEN:  Saturday, 0900, 11 Nov 2023 (firing detail needs to be there up to a half hour early for parking, issuance of firearms, rehearsal and final placement within ceremony confines).

WHERE:  Three locations as follows:  

John Paul Jones Park, Kittery, ME: ( ); 

Kittery Estates, Kittery, ME: 

( );

Goodwin Park, Portsmouth, NH: ( 

WHY:  To honor the Detachment’s annual commitment to support community events that honor the service and sacrifices of all Veterans.  

SITUATION:  Firing Details in support of the Seacoast communities (Kittery and Portsmouth) celebration of Veterans Day.  

MISSION:  Conduct safe and professionally executed tributes to support the celebration of Veterans Day 2023.  

EXECUTION:  Firearm Custodian, inspect firearms to be used in the ceremonies ensuring that they are functional and can be safely operated.  Ensure that the firearms are loaded with appropriate ammunition for the ceremonies.  NCOIC is overall in charge, coordinating the synchronization of the firing details with the ceremony leads (JPJ Park: Detachment Paymaster George Dow; Kittery Estates:  on duty staff at Kittery Estates; Goodwin Park:  VFW Post 168, POC:  Post Commander Joshua Denton,  Firing Detail, perform duties as specified by the NCOIC conducting professionally executed tributes in support of local community events in honor of Veterans Day 2023.      

ADMIN AND LOGISTICS:   Uniform is Seasonal undress uniform long sleeve with tie, white ceremonial duty belt, white gloves.  Bring the red nylon jacket in case of inclement weather.  Detachment Paymaster, bring the ceremonial wreath and stand (located in Detachment storage area) to JPJ Park; NCOIC, bring ceremonial firearms and bugle; 0830 muster in the Assembly Area (JPJ Park, Kittery, ME; displace to Kittery Estates parking lot upon conclusion of ceremony at JPJ Park; displace to local parking nearest to Goodwin Park, Portsmouth, NH) for issuance of ceremonial firearms, final instructions, rehearsals and movement to ceremonial posts. Immediately after the ceremonies, conduct police calls, wipe down and return of the ceremonial firearms to their storage area.   

COMMAND AND SIGNAL:   Point of main effort is Seacoast Det MCL 394 Firing Detail NCOIC (SVC Brad Howe) and VFW Post 168.  All commands will be by voice.  Notify Detachment Commandant:  Seacoast Geoff Corson:, and Firing Detail NCOIC Brad Howe: of your availability NLT , Friday, 3 November 2023. Decision on whether or not support is feasible will be made the weekend of 4 Nov 2023 based on number of volunteers.  

Semper Fidelis,

G.A. Corson (Geoff)


Seacoast Detachment #394

Marine Corps League

Cell:  757.672.0208